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I got tagged by :iconthornacious:! Alas, I literally don't have time to tag people. ;_; But if you are reading this and have the time/interest, consider yourself tagged! :) Check out Thorn's journal for all the details and rules (it was a little complicated XD).

13 Facts About the North American Razz:

1. I've had tubes in my chest. They were in for about two weeks and it was...a special time. XD I'm glad I got it all done but...damn. XD I wouldn't wish tubes with JP drains on anyone. XD

2. I'm blind (for the inevitable three people who didn't know already :D). Surprise! "Magic-retina" is a reference to why I'm blind; both of my retinas (the collection of cells at the back of the eye which allow you to see light) are detached, one completely the other just mostly. :D

3. I used to be a full time freelance artist but now I'm working to get my special education teaching degree instead. :) This is why I don't do near as much art as I used to.

4. I used to play flute and piano in high school. I was mediocre at both. :D

5. I shave my head every few weeks on purpose. :D It feels nice and cuts down on my neuroses about things crawling on my head. So many people think I had/have cancer as a result, though. XD

6. Everyone is afraid to ask me questions about stuff but nobody will ever top the time a kid asked me how I use the bathroom. XD (Answer: you ever gotta go at night and not wanna turn the lights on? There you go. :D) Basically what I'm saying is you can ask me questions about practically anything. XD

7. I've had three guide dogs so far: Ida (German shepherd), Oscar (black lab), and Petey (German shepherd). :) I love them all.

8. I'm an atheist but if I could believe in anything religious, I would totally be a pagan of some sort. Pan (Greek) and Sekhmet (Egypt) are my kinda mythical people. :D

9. At one time, I owned thirteen pet rats, one hamster, and two cockatiels along with my first guide dog. That was too many critters for my tiny apartment. XD

10. Someday I would like to have a hairless/sphynx cat but I will almost certainly wind up with a random kitty from the shelter instead. XD

11. The only bones I've ever broken (so far) were the ones in my foot that doctors broke for me. They replaced one of my foot joints with metal screws. :D I'm a cyborg! XD

12. I'm not really into sports but I love watching women's wrestling and the heavyweight fights a few times a year with my cousin (if I could afford cable I'd probably watch them more XD). I feel like I could probably enjoy soccer but I have no way of regularly watching it.

13. If you follow my tumblr you already know this, but if you don't, I'm something of a true crime "fan". It's a morbid curiosity/hobby that seems to run in my family. XD When I can't think of anything else to watch I put on episodes of Forensic Files, serial killer/murder documentaries, or listen to episodes of the morbid true crime podcasts I'm subscribed to. XD I can also recommend many books about crime, the medical industry, death, specific famous killers, and more along those lines. XD My only consolation in having this weird fascination is that it's quite common but most people don't talk about it. XD I also cry like a baby when listening to friends/family talk about their lost loved ones or hearing the 911 calls where that loss is in progress. :(

Questions asked by Thorn:

1. Pepsi or Coke?
I used to be big on Pepsi, then I moved to the south where they only have Coke. Somehow, over time, my taste buds evolved to only like Diet Coke. Too much, actually. I'm drinking some right now. ;_;

2. What was the last video game you played?
All the way through, it was Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (for the third time >_> Shut up I love my garbage bunny son!). XD Currently, I'm swapping between Triforce Heroes and Twilight Princess HD when I have time/desire to game.

3. Whats the first thing that pops into your head when you think of me?
That orange/black scarf, kiss marks, the color red, and Christmas all at the same time. XD

4. Whats your fave season.

Autumn! In Colorado it's sooooo pretty and you have a high chance of seeing frost/snow on all those colorful leaves. 8D

5. Do you have a phobia? (Mine is wasps if curious)

A few. XD Most specifically free falling (NOT heights and NOT hitting the ground; it's literally the unsecured fall that scares me), and intestines/viscera/guts being exposed or outside the body (this is because of a specific incident in my childhood, alas :( ).

6. If I called you a "Jammy git." would you know what I meant?

Hmmmm.... Well I know "git" is sort of equivalent to "jerk/asshole", but I'm not sure about "Jammy". XD My guess is either "lazy dick" or "rockin' awesome asshat". :D

7. Do you dislike/hate anything everyone else seems to love?

Not off the top of my head. I try to give anything my friends like a look into and be positive about it. I guess the only "popular" things I dislike are ships/pairings in certain fandoms, usually from over saturation or because I've seen/met too many people who ship that one pairing who are giant bags of flaming dog poop to everyone and it sours me on a ship I otherwise might have supported or at least been indifferent to (prime examples: Spyro x Cynder, Link x Zelda, Zuko x Katara, etc). Like, I could potentially still be okay with these pairings if the fans who were into them weren't such jerks to each other as well as everyone else, y'know? XD

8. What colour lightsaber would you want?
GREEN!!! Green green green! 8D Unless I can have an oscilating one that changes color all the time. That would be awesome. :D

9. A Genie grants you one wish (And no you cant set him free) what would you wish for?
For humanity as a species to get its act together before we drag ourselves to extinction. o_o Assuming this isn't the kind of genie who has a bunch of catch 22s in the wish granting and no matter what you wish it ends badly for you (like in Wishmaster). XD If that was the case then I'd just wish for a gamma ray to hit so we'd all die quickly. :D

10. Do you have a celebrity/fictional character crush. (Helena Bonham Carter for moi)
Ohohoho do I! :D I have, like, a crush for every fandom I'm in probably. XD Favorite girl will always be Elora from Spyro, though. :) Honorable mentions: Midna (Zelda: Twilight Princess) and Furiosa (Mad Max). For real people, I'd let Amanda Nunes punch me any day. XD

11. Which is your favourite accent (country or county/state)?
Hoooo I got a thing for Scottish, Irish, German, and Australian accents. XD I really can't pick between those, they're all so great.

12. What's your fave animal.

Real: bats, rats, and all cephalopods (octopuses, cuttlefish, squid, etc). Mythical: sphinxes, fauns, and dragons. :)

13. Would you rather face slow Zombies or fast zombies

Slow zombies, no contest. They might be relentless, but you can more or less outrun them/climb up some stairs and you'll escape. Fast zombies are the same as slow, only they are absolutely going to catch you. o_o

Questions for you guys to answer iffin' ya wanna!
1. If you could live in any fictional world (book, movie, game, etc) what would it be?
2. How do you like your tea and/or coffee?
3. What's your favorite comic (web, print, however you read them)?
4. What's the one thing someone could say/do that would make you punch them right in the face? XD
5. Do you have a favorite Zelda game/character?
6. If you could be any mythical creature, what would it be?
7. If you could be any god/religious figure, who would it be?
8. What song would you want played at your funeral/memorial service?
9. What's your favorite place in the world (whether you've been there or not)?
10. What's your favorite podcast/radio show?
11. If you could be blind for a day, would you do it?
12. What's your favorite blanket?
13. What's your favorite thing in/about outer space?


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This is Razz, formerly known as Razzek. I draw stuff between classwork and am remembered fondly(?) for my contributions to the Spyro fandom.


Want to draw good dragons and living things in motion? Watch lots of nature shows with slow mo breakdowns of animal movement like PBS' Supernature! Just watched this and it's so good!
Supernature Wild Flyers


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