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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

I done stole this from :iconrurik-redwolf: because I can. :D Figured y'all might be curious and it's too hot to do anything productive right now, so!

- primary name: Razz
- alternate names: uh...Razz. XD I had it changed to this legally for a reason XD
- gender: 404 gender not found/none
- pronouns: they/them/dude
- birthday: April 19
- zodiac sign: Aries

- height: 5'7
- eye colour: hazel blue or gray blue, I think (can't really tell XD)
- hair color: dark brown when I let it grow
- tattoos?: none yet
- piercings?: a hole in each ear but I don't put anything in them
- favorite outfit: Hawaiian shirt over an under shirt, matching bandana, khaki pants/shorts or jeans
- have you dyed your hair?: tried once, didn't work
- long or short hair?: short, less than an inch or outright bald if I have the time to shave

- sexual orientation: gaaaaaaaaay! (I :heart: all women :) )
- romantic orientation: also gay
- relationship status: ladies I'm single :D
- romantic partner(s) (if applicable): none
- platonic partner(s) (if applicable): none
- friend(s): pssst! That reflection you see in your monitor? The one that is you? That is my friend :)

personality/are you..
- nice or mean?: pretty nice
- honest or deceptive?: honest (often to a fault XD)
- excitable or calm?: pretty chill even when I'm excited
- happy or discontent?: true happiness is fleeting, but I'm content as I can be
- violent or relaxed?: relaxed. Violence is for fiction only (and true crime shows XD)
- good or evil?: good in life, but evil in fiction tends to be more fun :D
- shy or outgoing?: so shy I can go weeks without talking if allowed XD
- friendly or disagreeable?: very friendly :)

- tv shows: Mythbusters! :D And almost any sort of real science or history documentary :) Also Forensic Files :D
- anime/cartoon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Rurouni Kenshin for anime; Steven Universe and Gargoyles for cartoons
- musician(s): Oingo Boingo, Pat Benetar, Haelstorm, Danny Elfman, Woofie
- music genre: basically everything except religious pop and industrial heavy metal
- songs: depends on the day; right now it's "Only Human" by Rag n' Bone Man
- author: Tamora Pierce, Alex Jackson, Phillip Dunn, AE Dooland
- book/series: Circle of Magic/Circle Opens/Circle Reforged, 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny, Sarvala Express, Under My Skin, Solitaire
- comics: I mostly only read webcomics as of now; Sunstone, Ozzie the Vampire, ProjectDNA (my favorite!)
-youtuber: Godless Engineer, Dan Avidan/Danny Sexbang, AnimaLogic, Ask a Mortician, KingSpook, Movies With Mikey, Loading Ready Run
- colour: green! Green green green! All greens!
- weather: cool but not cold, spring-ish without the rain
- scent: lilacs right after a rain
- store: the local thrift store XD
- season: autumn
- holiday: Thanksgiving
- time of day: dawn (ironically ;_; )
- character: Skrawn and Kirsten (Sarvala Express), Orion (ProjectDNA), Min Lee (Under My Skin), Lara Croft
- food: sushi :9

- religion: none, I'm a (literally) godless atheist XD
- believe in magic?: nope, though it'd be nice :)
- believe in an afterlife?: nope
- believe in reincarnation?: in the sense that we are energy/molecules and those things go on when we stop because our bodies become part of the world
- ghosts?: no
- angels and demons?: nope, but I'd totally date a demon if they were real XD
- karma?: no
- aliens?: yes because it's very statistically likely
- cryptids/urban legends?: cryptids no, urban legends a few (because one or two are real)
- biggest fear: gut wounds/intestines being exposed or falling out o_o

- physical health: average, not great but not terrible either
- mental health: ahahaha I have post traumatic stress disorder/PTSD 8D
- have you ever been hospitalized?: plenty XD
- broken a bone?: so far only because a doctor did it for me (broke my foot to fix it)

Tagging:All of you who want to be tagged! I give you my blessing to fill out this form. XD


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yes THAT Razz(ek)
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This is Razz, formerly known as Razzek. I draw stuff between classwork and am remembered fondly(?) for my contributions to the Spyro fandom.


Want to draw good dragons and living things in motion? Watch lots of nature shows with slow mo breakdowns of animal movement like PBS' Supernature! Just watched this and it's so good!
Supernature Wild Flyers


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